Monday, August 21, 2006

First day at school.

Today the school term started again after the summer holidays here in East Lothian...and for my girl Mairi, aged not quite five, it was her first day at school.

For the non-UK folk amongst you...yes, like the overwhelming majority of schools here, our school requires the children wear school uniform. I`m hugely in favour of school uniform, myself. She was extremely proud of her school dress, let me tell you.

The routine on the first day at our school, anyway, is for mum and/or dad to accompany the child into class, stay for a few minutes to settle the child then leave them and go to the main hall for a cup of tea. The tea is to soothe the parental nerves at their chickie flying the nest, I think! There were quite a lot of tears, from both children and parents.

Mairi doesn`t go in for the clingy routine. She`s been looking forwards to this for months. For her it was more a question of "Right mum, I`m here, now you can go, ok?"

As for myself? Well, this is the third time round for me, so I wasn`t one of the red-eyed parents, no! I`m happy she`s started...she`s a bright girl, loves being busy and the company of other kids and she had a great time in nursery. She`s well ready for school.


rho said...

Her eagerness and readiness just shows what great parents you guys are - And isn't she just a cutie in her uniform.

I'm for uniforms - DH is against -- good thing we weren't able to have kids I guess - imagine the arguments we would have had. And the really funny thing about it all is - I am the hippy child of the 60's while hubby is the conservative 50's guy. LOL

gourdongirl said...

Thank goodness it was a nice day so she could put on her dress!

She looks so grown up in her uniform!

Alison said...

we started back last wednesday. TT was very happy to go, and i was pretty happy to see him go!
hope mairi is having a good time too, she looks lovely!

jessie said...

My daughter was the same way. She actually discouraged us from coming into her classroom (because it made her look needy or incapable) until we assured her that ALL the parents would be doing the same thing. Sheesh.

Nickerjac said...

She looks great in her uniform, I am all for uniforms (having taught in the odd school)

Flossie said...

I loved the pinafore dress I used to wear when I started primary school. Mairi looks so sweet and very happy to be off to school. Very grown up!

Aprilynne said...

AW she's so cute, I had one start Kindergarten this year too, I'm only 2nd time around for it though, one more to go =) Her school is trying out standardized dress this year, too.