Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Kitchen # 2.

The saga continues......

Monday evening.

Tuesday evening...

This evening.

It's beginning to look...well, like it might be a kitchen again one day?

There has been some discussion about the tiles for the splashback. Initially I thought we should have something classic in black and white to go with the worktops, but then got seduced by this colour in the tile shop. I think it will warm the place up, not to mention go with my Le Creuset pots. Hubby says it's clearly an orange coloured tile, btw. But I say any fool (or woman) can tell its not orange, its Pumpkin. (That's what it says on the back anyway.)

Theo does not care. He has spent the last week and a half here, in my daughter's bed under her dressing gown. He does not care if the tiles are orange or Pumpkin. (Cats are colour blind.) He just wants the nasty dirty mess to be finished and these men gone from his house.

Cats are smart.


JustApril said...

Your kitchen is really coming along. Pumpkin is always better than orange =) Cats are VERY smart, if I was as smart, I'd be hiding under the covers, too.

blueadt said...

How about Pumpkin & cream? I've got similar tiles in 3 shades of blue with white in our bathroom & they look great.

Now the kitchen is another matter & needs ripping out but we're along way away from that at the moment:(

glittrgirl said...

Ooooh that tile is a gorgeous colour! I would just have a block of that on its own!