Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Award? Who, me??

Hey, look what KathyR awarded me....

Blogging is a funny old thing, really. My Hubby teaches media studies with particular reference to IT and one of the many things he discusses is blogs. He says that women use personal blogs in a completely different way to use them to disseminate information while women are more likely to use them as social networks. It seemed so blindingly self-evident to me that blogging is a way to have an extended gossip with like minded souls that I was amazed to hear that more male dominated blog networks aren't like this, but apparently Hubby's wargaming blog gets very few comments, and even less social chat, lol.

Still, it tickles me when someone on the far side of the world nominates me for an award because she likes my blog. (Presumably!) It's fun to see the hits on the stats map, mostly from the english speaking nations but I've had hits from places like Indonesia, Malta, Greece and South America. Repeat hits, even. The knitting and blogging world is a small place, really, despite the geographical differences!

Anyhow, the Award Rules state:-

1)Post the award on your blog.
2)Add a link to the person who gave you the award.
3)Nominate at least 4 others.
4)Leave a comment on their blog so they can pass it on.

Come to think of it though, even though I've just finished weebling on about blogging reaching the furthest reaches of the planet, three of the blogs I'm going to nominate are local ones...

1) Natalie, at The Yarn Yard. Nothing to do with her yarn (though it is gorgeous and I own several skeins) but because her blog makes me laugh and it gives me ideas about things that are nothing to do with knitting. I'm still working on the larder challenge, for example!

2) Jean, because without her I'd know wheech all about American politics, lol.

3) Helen, because she introduced me first to online jigsaws. I am rubbish at them but I think they're the sort of thing that might be good for my increasingly foggy perimenopausal brain. A sort of daily neuron workout!

4) What Housework, who has the sort of manic outdoor lifestyle I would dearly love to have, and the most bloggable cat too. (Put "Milo" into the search on her blog for the stories.)


KathyR said...

Had to smile - of COURSE I enjoy reading your blog! I wouldn't be reading it otherwise. I think I do agree with your husband about women and blogs. They are such a useful way of extending one's circle of friends/acquaintances.

Zannah said...

Well doen on your blog award - youdeserve it. I love reading your blog - it makes me smile! Like Kathyr, I really do think women use blogs to socialise - I can't be the only person who has a number of very dear friends - all of whom think that textiles are a pointless wate of time - so I feel that I need the virtual world of blogging as well. Other wise I would just feel isolatd and not very happy at all!!!!

Toni said...

Hi - love your blog, and because of that I've tagged you to post 7 random things about yourself. (see my blog)

Helen said...

I should have said Thank you for nominating me for the award: instead, I am going to nag you about the absence of new photos of Oliver. Where is he? What is he doing?

zippiknits said...

congratulations! Your blog is a very interesting fiber blog, and just keeping up with your spinning wheels makes it loads of fun. Are you really going to spin family hairlooms? i know, unforgivable. Shucks. I'll just flog myself with some nasty acrylic ropey stuff.