Saturday, May 09, 2009


Well that's it over. Joiner and Sidekick have gone.Three days of unexpected "Woott????" and it's all done. Two walls and a ceiling replastered (all in seperate rooms), the kitchen refloored, an alcove shelved and best of all my walk in cupboard has been floored (you could barely walk on the floor before), the pipes boxed in and shelved from top to bottom. It's not a big cupboard, about 6ft x 4ft, but I just got an extra 30+feet of shelf space added in, I calculate. Finally somewhere to put all the big bulky kitchen things, like the jam pans and box of spare lightbulbs. You know, the sort of thing that they never show you how to store in makeover programs? Cake tins, the liquidizer, 40 empty jamjars? Kitty litter?

I love storage. Especially the kind with doors you can shut.

Plus I got him to do all sorts of tiddly little other jobs while here, like repairing the window sash and cutting down some bookcase supports. Annoying things that you can't do very sucessfully yourself and keep avoiding.

Anyway it's finished and it was worth it. It's nice not to have holes in the walls any more. Large areas of drying plaster are much cosier!


Marissa said...

Sounds like a great re-do, did you take any pictures??? I know just what you mean about doors on the cupboards, it's the way to go!

TutleyMutley said...

OO I'm jealous. Storage space? What's that?
All worth any minor upheavals I'm sure.