Sunday, July 12, 2009

Quick farewell.

Off to Amsterdam tomorrow. No time to blog. So here are three of my best pix from June, just to give you something to look at while I'm away.

Summer strawberries up the allotment. Plus girl. (She likes strawberries...)

Woolfest. Dazzling as usual!

And the Boys. Are they not adorable? Look at that cuddle! I'm thinking of putting this one on Lolcats. Any suggestions for a caption?


Jean said...

Have a great time. You'll be missed.

Dawn in NL said...

If you are in the Leiden area and would like a personal guide for a while let me know.

Enjoy your holiday,

Helen said...

Your boyz are a pair of soppy dates. I don't have any ideas for captions, but please put it on LOLCATS so that I can see what everyone else says.

And have a fab holiday :)

Daisy said...

Have a fab holiday!