Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back in the groove again.

After seven and a half weeks of holiday, the kids went back to school yesterday.


It's not that I don't love them and like having them around, you understand. It's just that having them with me what seems like 24/7 for nearly two months can get a little tiring. They're energetic and intelligent kids and don't take well to having nothing to do, so this must be provided. Yes they get many opportunities to just get on with things and make their own entertainment but you still have to provide some family activities, yup? Parental involvement and all that?

So we have had trips to the zoo and local country park and cinema. We have had three weeks of camping. We have had meals out and days out and friends round. We have spend quite a bit of time turning the garden into a play space for Princess and the assortment of small girls that live locally. We have had wargames and laser quest games and sports clubs and swimming. Sleepovers. Trips. Activities.

I am exhausted. Holidays? I need a rest!


Pollianicus said...

I know what you mean. My kids went back on Tuesday and I am thoroughly exhausted - feel like I've been hit by a train.... cumulative fatigue methinks.

Nic said...

We have two and a bit weeks left here and I am in no real hurry for the school run to start BUT dh goes back on Monday and I can't wait!!!
Enjoy your rest :)

Ms Bubblefish said...

That's why in the eighties,when we were offered an additional posting to East Timor after 3 years in West Java, we ended up knocking it back for a variety of reasons such as malaria area etc but for me, a teacher, it was the thought of teaching my own kids 24/7 that I found so daunting and overwhelming!

Get that kettle on, get a wheel out, find that novel, and relax!!

Lara said...

Mine went back yesterday, too. Ahhhhh. It was so nice to go out for my run by myself today and stay out for as long as my legs wanted to.