Sunday, March 07, 2010

Scrap Swap.

I took part in a fun little swap over on the UK Spinners Forum on Ravelry.

Basically 20 or so of us sent in 100g or 200g of painted wool tops to a central coordinator, she stripped them down into 10g or so sections and then you were sent the same weight of fibre back of mixed short sections.

There were some fantastic colour combinations in the scraps.

Half the fun of this sort of swap is to see what other people do with their scraps. Some folk have opted to separate out colour families or divide the scraps into cool and hot colours, then spin the resultant piles. Some folk have drum carded their scraps into amazing multicoloured batts. And the spinning techniques have varied too. Singles, thick or thin or both, two ply, three ply, Navaho, coiled yarns...endless combinations.

I opted to spin what someone else called a "pudding yarn". I tore the scraps down even further into finger length sections, drafted them out a bit then spun them in a totally random sequence.

This was spun on my old Louet S10. Every time I get out my Old Man Louet I think that if I was made to have only one wheel he would be it. First wheel and still favourite, lol.

When plied this should end up about aran weight so I was thinking of making another Liesl with it to wear to spinning demos. But of course there's only a couple of hundred grams here and I'll need 700 yards or so, or 400g+ of fibre. So, yup. I'll have to do the next Scrap Swap (or two) as well.

Fun to spin. I'm not going to Navaho ply it though. I'll spin a second bobbin with the scraps from the next swap and ply the two bobbins together into one crazed barber pole yarn of many colours.

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Liz said...

Looks beautiful! I love my S10 too; thanks for sending me those instructions, all that time ago!