Friday, July 09, 2010


It's 36'C and sunny here in Arnhem. I'm Scottish. I don't do 36'C, not for three days on the trot so far and set to last till next Tuesday when it goes down to a more civillised (but still too hot) mid twenties. It's too hot to knit, to spin, to sightsee, to cycle, to sit outside or inside the tent, to eat. I am melting. And people actually go on holiday in search of weather like this???????


Anonymous said...

have you tried the damp cloth round the neck tactic? Might help a little, get a thin tea towel or muslin cloth or similar, soak, wring out then wrap round neck, as it dries out the water evaporating might make you a little more comfortable - works for me but 36deg is extreme

Linda said...

It's been the same here in South Carolina. Blech! Nothing to do but put a fan in the fridge & sit with the door open LOL!

Helen said...

It's lovely and wet back home. P**ing down at T in the Park.

Dawn in NL said...

It has been slightly cooler on the other side of NL ;-), but I dont do 36 degrees either, not quite sure how I have lasted 12 years here.

Enjoy your holiday anyway.

Dawn in NL

zippiknits said...

Oh Val. That is horrid weather for Scotland. So unfair! You are supposed to have Mists, and coolness!

It's set to get hot hot hot here in SoCal in August. I fill the bathtub and sit in it with an Indian cotton dress on that gets soaked. I wring it out and go stand in front of the fan. Tile floors help this a lot, though. The drips don't soak in.

Daisy said...

It's been horribly hot down here too. I hate it! :-(

Anonymous said...

I hate humid heat lol its the worst of its kind as you cant even hide in the shade.

A good trick is to get those plastic freezing blocks that can fit in your pockets (completely dry ice and doesnt melt)

Keeps you cool