Saturday, August 07, 2010


Allotment in early July, just before I went on holiday.


I think I need to do a bit of serious weeding, don't you? However, there are some florishing (and less weedy) bits.

Sweetcorn bed.

Courgettes and squash, with broad beans behind.

Tomatoes. This last was a bit of a gamble, actually, as the plants were a bit small to go out just then I thought. Hence the enviromesh cage. Looking pretty good though.

I was only up for an hour to pick and see how things were so had to struggle with an overwhelming desire to start tidying the place up. (I do not get this urge with housework, ever.) There was a lot of produce ready to harvest though, far too much. I was feeling a bit frenzied about it actually! I thought my sister would have picked x5 as much, but instead there was all this plenty going to waste, argh. I concentrated on taking what I needed immediately however and promised myself I'd go and start the weeding today and Sunday. And take Princess...there are about 10lbs of blackcurrants on one bush alone, and she's got nimble little fingers.

Peas, broad beans, purple french beans, raspberries, lettuce, chives, white and black currants, potatoes and (ahem) some of the many courgettes.


Joan said...

No rest for the wicked, eh? Welcome back, and glad to hear you are feeling rather better!

Daisy said...

Good grief! That's amazing and inspires me to get some planting done for next year!

Anonymous said...

Oh MY!! must say I am green with envy!!

Also am comforted by your itch to tidy the garden does not apply to house!! Thanks for that!!

Maybe a local shelter or soup kitchen might be glad to welcome your surplus veggies.

Thanks again. I, too, am glad you're back,Elizabeth

Helen said...

That's amazing. I knew we'd had a lot of sun and a lot of rain but that's just well, amazing!