Monday, November 20, 2006

And for today`s encore....

...the workmen managed to inflict an almost mortal blow to the satellite telly dish.
Fortunately or otherwise they seemed to regard this as far more serious than the computers being down and produced a repair person in under an hour. I was almost disappointed. Nothing but pap on the TV most of the time anyway.

So to date they`ve flattened the garden, up in the attic they have recreated Pompei after Vesuvius blew, cut my telephone wires and broken my satellite dish. We still have electricity, gas, central heating, drains, windows and the cats. Any bets on what the workies will do next???

Answers on a postcard in ten words or less, please. The best suggestion submitted will win a chunk of genuine Scottish battleship grey render chipped directly from my walls. Judge`s decision is final, and you get to pay the postage.


rho said...

it's gonna be electric I just know it LOL

Caroline M said...

Stand on the toilet and crack it.

When will you be shut of them? Is it after Christmas (when they will probably knock off for two weeks) or are they planning on being out of there before the bad weather really starts?

Zippianna said...

I'm sure they will figure out how to do in the plumbing.