Thursday, November 16, 2006

And just when you think....

And just when I thought it couldn`t get worse yesterday....the builders managed to cut the telephone wires somewhere. So we,`ve been without our two landlines or internet for the last 36 hours.

(No internet for 36 hours, folk. Think about it.......*eek*)

Several phone calls (thank goodness for mobile phones!) and a lot of yelling as to whose responsibility it became to fix it, given that our phone provider is not BT but the wires belong to BT, the connections have been restored. It did however give Mr Builder and I something else to discuss in a "full and frank manner", as my BIL puts it.

On the plus side however I can`t fault the speed and efficiency of Mr Builder and his band of merry men when it comes to actual work. Slates are off, timbers cleaned up and the main roof felt is on. So we are watertight again, which is just as well as it was pouring last night.

And I went to a felting workshop this morning and I have made a hat. It`s not finished so no pix yet plus it looks like a cross between a green flower pot and something a hobbit might wear, but it`s definately a hat. I am thrilled with it. Does not mean I will ever wear it, but that`s not important. It`s a hat, you know?


Caroline M said...

The last time we broke the internet I resorted to the local library. They have six computers and access is free. There was no coffee and biscuits but it was better than the cold turkey option. It's good to hear that your builders are good at some things, even if it isn't communication.

Woolly Wormhead said...

Hat. C'mon, we want to see photos of the Hat. Well, I do anyway.

We keep getting problems on our phone line as the wiring is old and it's all BT's fault (obviously) I go into panic mode without the internet. Phone I can cope without, but the internet? Jeez.