Thursday, March 08, 2007

Away for the weekend.

Well, the Louet S40, my Hatbox Louet is packed, my knitting and spinning bag ditto, I`ve got wine, rice crackers, mineral water, spare knickers and a toothbrush. Plus my cheque book and credit cards. Do I need anything else for Skip North?????

Probably not. So why do I feel I`ve been preparing for a family holiday this week? I have got all the washing up to date, cleaned the bathroom, shopped till the fridge and freezer overflow with food and made the kids do their homework early. I`ve got school uniform ready for Monday, packed lunches ditto planned, food for....well, why am I doing this? Hubby is off tomorrow, he`ll be home for three days. He`s an adult, he can look after two kids for three days, no?

Well, anyone who was at Skip North last year and heard the conversation when he phoned me to ask where the egg poaching pan is kept knows the answer to that. No...well, kids yes, house, no. Think three kids at home, one of whom has the domestic competence of a sixteen year old. A sixteen year old whose mum makes all his meals and does all his laundry and keeps track of where his socks live. Hubby may be a very fine teacher etc, but when it comes to domestic stuff...well, it all goes over his head. I`m doing all this advance work out of self defence, to be honest. If I don`t, the house will be reduced to a guddle that will take me a month to sort out. If the drawer/fridge/cupboard doesn`t have whatever is required RIGHT THERE, centre front, exactly now, then all hell will break loose. Cupboards will be ransacked at random in an effort to find the "missing" object. I just don`t want to come home Sunday night and find a worst mess than is absolutely necessary. The kids will be fine (though possibly a bit grimey) and happy with the somewhat looser routine and the excessive amount of chips, but the house? Oh well....

Kids are good. The kids both have helped me write a list of chore reminders for each of them and they have stuck them on their doors. One of the reminders is "Remind Daddy to make vegetables." I can`t wait till Duncan is old enough to take over more cooking!

Anyway...I`ll face Sunday when it comes, suitable armed with yarn. Skip North, here I come!


Robin said...

Have a GREAT time...I can't wait to see your pics when you return!

Artis-Anne said...

Have a wonderful time , wish I was going :) Looking forward to reading how it all went.
LOL hope you are not too wiped out before your 'holiday'

DianeM said...

Had a chuckle at the vegetables crack :-D

Have you packed your 15%off fibre voucher? Very important!

Looking forward to meeting you tonight :-)