Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday etc.

Kids are quite astonishingly resiliant. This was my sick Little Miss Princess last night.

(Take a moment to admire the positioning of the opportunistic cat at the end of the sofa. This is one of his favourite sleeping places, so he couldn't belive his luck when he found a feather quilt on it. Even after LMP went back to bed, he was hanging on in there grimly. We gave up and she took a different quilt to bed. That cat has us trained.....we iz it's cats slavezes. )

Anyway, LMP bounced out of bed at 6.30am today demanding breakfast and to be taken swimming. So she seems to be over her lurgy as quickly as it descended. Good. This means I can go to the allotment this afternoon rather than staying at home washing out puke bowls.I did try going yesterday but as I stood at the gate leading into the site I could see part of the roof of my neighbour's shed cartwheeling around in the strong gale force winds we had here yesterday. At this point a strong memory of the day part of a glass greenhouse came flying over the dividing hedge in a similar gale came back to me. Also how it shattered when it landed not six feet from me and how I was still picking up glass from the plot weeks later. So I went shopping instead yesterday. An allotment full of loose, spikey, potentially dangerous flying objects is no place to go in a gale. But the weather is calmer today so I will try again.

Which does lead me on in a way to my next topic. Bettna. I started knitting this over a year ago, before the last SkipNorth. It was an easy knit and most enjoyable but I hate finishing, so it went into a drawer for six months. I thought though I'd finish it for SkipNorth 2008 so got it out and with much labour got it all grafted together and blocked the day before I went.

Nice, isn't it? It's in Noro Shinano, which is a discontinued silk and wool blend. Nice colour, nice yarn, pretty well knitted and finished. (Sez she modestly.) Did I wear it to SkipNorth? No I did not. It does not suit me, not one little bit. It is horrible on me. It makes me look like a dwarvish quarterback.

Now there are thirty-three Bettnas on Ravelry. Several of them knitted by people of much the same build as me ie short, fat, busty and with big shoulders. How come then that they look fine in this jacket and I look so awful? I don't think I'm being hypercritical over how bad it looks, really. But the words "dog blanket" come to mind, in all meanings of the phrase. Maybe I should give it to the cat to sleep on?


Bit of a shame really. The yarn cost a lot, even at sale prices, so yes, I'll frog it and turn it into something else. Too expensive just to dump into the back of the wardrobe and forget about till the next charity shop run. Every so often a project does turn and bite you back. That's life. But it's disappointing, no?


ambermoggie said...

glad LMP is much better, did you get any gardening done? I love the jacket, it will be a pity to frog it. I have always meant to make one after seeing a friend(much bigger than even me) in one. She looked great

blueadt said...

Could it be too big now that you've lost weight?

Glad to hear that your daughter is feeling better. Kids are amazing at recovering quickly aren't they.

Anonymous said...

I love the jacket too, maybe you are being too critical on how it looks on you? But I understand, I LOVE shawls, and also being short, fat and busty, they make me look like Santa's wife.
And the ruana I knit from my very first handspun did indeed end up being a blanket for the dog. It ended up weighing a ton.
Linda in Dayton OH

Anne said...

A thought with the Bettna - try taking the button off - mine doesn't even nearly meet in the middle - I just wear it hanging open - the vertical lines are flattering. And although I grumped to myself that it would be totally impractial and not-at-all warm, in fact it's wonderful.

Glad LMP is feeling better.

gourdongirl said...

Shame to frog it after all your hard work. It looks lovely BTW.

Glad to hear LMP is feeling better.

Sian said...

Kids are amazing aren't they? Glad she is better.

Leaving the button off bettna sounds a good idea to me and it would be a huge shame to frog all that work.

JustApril said...

The thing I love about Noro is that even knit and reknit, it's a pleasure to fondle. Frog away and knit something luxurious.

zippiknits said...

I bet it looks lots better through someone else's eyes. Can anyone you know give you an unbiased opinion? :) But if you don't like it, frog it. It sure is a beauty though.

Oh yes, small children do get right on with life the minute they feel better. It's part of being a little kid. She didn't have the laundry and ten other things piling up so she RESTED very well, I'd bet. Funny kitty on the feather blanket piccie and story.

Helen said...

Oh god, that awful moment when the garment you thought you were knitting turns into the garment you were really knitting. Could it be the length? I know I can't wear anything three-quarter-length any more; everything has to be hip length or below the knee. Could you take the bottom bit off and wear the top as a shrug? Or knit a shorter bottom bit?

I love the picture of the cat on the duvet; you can see that he's trying to push her further up the couch so that he can have more room.