Friday, March 21, 2008

Tidy Girl.

First day of the school Easter break today, and with superb timing Little Miss Princess has got the lurgy. There seems to be two versions going around...the adult one where you have a sore throat and temperature for a couple of days followed by two weeks of coughing your lungs up and feeling knackered all the time (that will be me and Hubby) and the child version that comes with pukes. Fortunately LMP is a very neat puker and is quite happy to use the nearest dustbin, bowl or toilet. (All parents should train their kids from about 18 months old in this skill, IMHO.) So while it's going to be a sad thing for her to be ill in the holiday, at least it's not too much hassle for me.

(Yeah, I'm a mean mummy. Lowish on overfussy sympathy, very high on practicality. She's No3 child, remember?? Dragged up rather than carefully nurtured! Somehow she's turning out at least as well balanced as her brother, lol.)

And on the knitting front...well, I seem to be currently obsessed with the Forest Canopy Shawl. It's a nice pattern, with just enough rhythym in the rows to keep you interested but simple enough to be able to spot a miscount. I'll be on the border in another repeat or two.


Anonymous said...

poor princess.
i think i'm a low on sympathy mum too, "come on now, just take a deep breath and count to 10."

rho said...

my mom always had me carry a pot from the kitchen around with me - with a garbage bag in in and folded over so clean up was easy too. I do it to this day many many years later

Hope she feels better and no one else gets it.

Sian said...

We have had that lurgy just last week.Yuk. Hope you have lots of calpol and that Princess gets well soon.

Loved that burnished yarn btw

Helen said...

My mother used to be full of nursely care and tender administrations for three days and then, boy, were you expected to be better. It was quite disorientating.

Can we have another pic of the Forest Canopy? I'm still dithering over needle sizes.

Nic said...

I had to laugh at your post. I so agree with puke training kids! We have had the poorly burps in this house too.

I have no problems with dealing with sick kids, just as long as they are sick in the bowl/loo/etc. All ok here because it was ds who was ill and his little sis likes to think that she is a nurse so spent her time running around after him with the bucket.

I hope you're all well soon so that you can enjoy some of the holidays!!

yvette said...

Oh your poor girl, I am not a very sympathetic nurse either. I expect my boys to take the medicine and die quietly in their rooms ;0) No 3 son has suffered with migraines since age 3 and he is a brilliant sick person, sick, brush your teeth and straight back to bed.
I love the Forest Canopy shawl pattern and look forward to seeing yours finished.