Friday, June 13, 2008

Summer and growing things.

Just to show that I'm being productive even though I'm not knitting much at present, here's some photos of how the allotment is doing.

Bottom end...

The pond, complete with water lily, bullrushes and miniscule water boatman. (No, I can't get a decent shot of these last, so you'll just have to belive me.)

The shed, and The Herbs.

I think it's going to be a great year for fruit. Here's my positively feral rhubarb.

This blackcurrant bush is the only survivor from before I took over the allotment eleven years back. Every year I hack about half of it down, and still it just keeps coming back. I got about 10lbs of blackcurrants off it last year and I didn't even net it, so the birds would eaten nearly as much again.

Gooseberry bush, one of two. I love gooseberries and you can hardly ever get them in the shops. This is Invicta, a cooking/dessert variety, and the other is a red spineless dessert bush.

Strawberries are early this year.

Good year for herbs too, given the recent spot of hot dry weather. These are chives in flower.

This is variagated lemon balm, which is lovely dried and kept in the yarn stash as a (somewhat lightweight) moth repellent.

Early garlic.

And finally the other thing that's growing fast, our little ginger pusscat.

I like June.


cate said...

What gorgeous pictures of your garden. Such a cute kitty. Thanks for showing us. catie

Queen of the froggers said...

Your allotment is glorious, you must work so hard!

TutleyMutley said...

Your allotment is looking vastly superior to my garden! But I didn't know that about lemonbalm - I've been getting very anxious about moths lately - what with the growing number of fleeces appearing in my spare room, so I'm off to buy myself some plants as soon as I can! Lemon balm is really hardy too, isn't it?

glittrgirl said...

Wow what an impressive allotment......