Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Woolfest is this Friday and Saturday, and I've managed to squeeze enough time out of the hectic packing/child schedule to go for the day on the Scottish Fibres bus. We'll only be there for five hours and that's on the busy Saturday, but better than last year when I didn't manage to get there at all. Not as good as 2006 though, when I went for three amazingly child-free nights of camping and two full days of Woolfest!

So...anyone else going, that I should look out for? I'll be wearing a (home made) Ravelry badge with "Spinning Fishwife" on it, because some of the stall holders will give you 10% off if you identify yourself as a Ravelry member, and also because I want folk that "know" me to say hello. There's a Bloggers Corner and meet-up point as well this year. And of course I'll be heading for the Knitting and Crochet Guild's stand, to have another look at Sue's knickers!

I don't quite know what I'm looking for when it comes to shopping though. I'm well stashed up and at the moment I'm not knitting or spinning a lot, not with it being summertime. Summer is for camping and the allotment. But...I want some of Scottish Fibres rosewood circs, plus some nice sock weight yarn for a Forest Canopy shawl for relatively straightforwards holiday knitting. After that? We'll see. Small tasty morsels though, rather than sweaters-worth. And no fleece. I'm up to my eyeballs in fleece! Perhaps I might get a really nice spindle though, to take on holiday.

So....see you there???


Wye Sue said...

I think I might have some basket making stuff in a bag for you somewhere....
We have been moved to near the bloggers corner and will have chairs on the stand if you want to sit and catch your breath ;-)I think I've got everything I need and some things I dont need probably.. leaving this morning in the rain for the long drive north - might even go to scotland if I get my act together and load up the car.. .must stop wittering and get on, See you Saturday.
I'll be the one shouting 'have you seen my knickers!!'

Emily said...

I'll be there so hopefully i'll spot you at some point. Most of the Newcastle knitting bunch will be there again this year.

Helen said...

I'm not going, but good luck with that not buying a lot of yarn thing, and I look forward to enjoying your next Forest Canopy vicariously.

Anonymous said...

i have a spare ravelry button if you'd like it... got another set when i got my new t-shirt, which i'm planning on wearing on saturday too.

Scottishf said...

Me & Mum will be there on the Saturday so will maybe see you. Ravelry badge not arrived yet so might be making one Friday night!

Anonymous said...

I'll look out for you...I've lurked on your blog for quite the while! Fran (Fran39)

ambermoggie said...

I'll be round the knickers also:)
Oh and Mr Mog will be there as well
look forward to meeting you at last:)

Queen of the froggers said...

Have fun!

Bonnypurr said...


Met you on Saturday on the Woolfest bus and as I couldn't remember my own blog address you asked me to leave a comment - well here's the comment:

Thank you for being the bus co-ordinator on Saturday, it was lovely to meet you and it was a lovely day out.

Hope to see you again sometime.

Lesley (aka Bonniepurr)