Friday, January 13, 2006

Camping in Wales.

Yesterday I booked Part1 of our summer holidays. We`re dead lucky in that Hubby is a lecturer at Stirling University, so gets vast amounts of holiday time in the summer. Yes, he`s still supposed to be around for consultations etc , but that`s what the internet is for, isn`t it? Last year he spent a couple of hours per week at internet cafes in France over a four week period, and that was "work" sorted, lol! So really our only restrictions during the summer are Duncan`s school holidays, and this year they run from 30th June to 22nd August, so seven weeks to play with.

Anyway, we decided last year we were getting a bit bored with France so this year we`re staying in Britain. We`re going to Orkney at the beginning of the summer with another family we`re friends with, and yesterday I booked up two weeks in August at a very rural looking campsite in Wales.

Hubby wants to go and visit one of his fellow lecturers that he was friendly with in Preston and Huw lives nine miles down the valley from this site, he had a nine year old son so company for Duncan, we`ve been to this part of Wales before and loved it.

Camping? Oh, we`re mad keen campers, let me tell you. We spent seven and a half weeks in France two years ago, living in a trailer tent. It was brilliant, roomy, fabulous...this is it here, with a very small Mairi sitting in front eating lunch. Sadly we had to give it back to the friend we borrowed it from. And yes, it has bedrooms with double beds and a fitted en-suite though.

We`ve bought a normal tent since then and that was what we used on our trip last year. It`s a Vango Colorado 1200dlx, and we`d been lusting after one for a while to replace the old Litchfield, but just too expensive. Then I spotted them on clearance, 50% off!!!!!!

Are we tidy campers? No........

Do we take a lot of stuff? (Yes, that`s a kitchen tent off to the left, and we have a fridge.) Well yes, but it all fits in the car. I am very good at packing.

That picture was taken in France last year, in a campsite near Dol-de-Bretagne.

This is the Bayeux Tourist Information Office....

And this is a menhir. Anyone read the Asterix books? Yes? Then you`ll know what a menhir is.

On a different note, today is my mother`s birthday. She`s 81, and determined to make it to 100 just to annoy my sister by hanging around at family parties having too many sherries.


vi said...

hey when did you get a blog? or am I again a ditz?


Spinningfishwife said...

Nope, you`re not a ditz, Vi...I only started this blog yesterday evening.

(Spinning and knitting content to follow soon....;-) )


Hubby said...
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