Monday, January 16, 2006 last.

Thought it was about time I put in some knitting content. So, for the interested and otherwise, I currently have on the needles....

1) One pair of dead plain stocking stitch (stockinette to you furriners...we speak UK English on this blog) socks, knitted in self patterning Opal "Magic" in the purple colourway.

You can see I`ve done ever so much of these(not) but I only cast them on yesterday evening.

2) "Raindrop" in Rowan Plaid (Lavender Mist 161). I`m up to the armhole shaping in the back. This has been on the needles since November, but in my defence I got a scarf knitting gremlin in December and decided to knit scarves for my entire family for Christmas.

I love this yarn, it`s supersoft and knits up at the speed of light. Pity it`s so expensive at around £8 per ball. However "Raindrop" only takes eight balls and I did get five balls of this colourway in the reduced bin of Twist Fibre Craft Studio so can`t complain too much.

3) Three? Well, I`ve just amazed myself because that`s all folks, that`s all I`ve got on the knitting pins currently! I`m looking around the study, and I may even go and look round the knitting-n-spinning section of the bedroom just to check though. Two UFOs are an all time record low for me, I think.

(Nice feeling though....)

4) There is however this.......

Now, I`m not a weaver. This picture is of the one and only item I`ve ever woven. Technically it`s fine for a newbie piece. It is however as dull as ditchwater, isn`t it?

So why am I doing this? Why have I spent every Tuesday morning at spinning Guild last term learning the theory of warping up a loom, warping aforementioned loom and generally taking up several mornings of valuable spinning times creating this uninteresting object? Well, I`ve always rather fancied learning to weave (one day) so when the utterly charming Eileen at Guild volunteered to tutor some weaving lessons in the other side of the spinning Guild room I thought it would be nice to try.

But I was wrong. The first day I set a finger on a spinning wheel, my life changed. The same has not happened with the loom. I find it all pretty tedious, plus it takes a lot of time and even a small loom like this borrowed one takes up too much space. My imagination is not fired. It`s taken me several weeks to get to this point and I can hardly bear to do any more because it`s boring. So sorry, Eileen! You have to know that it`s only because I really like you and I don`t want you to feel disappointed that I`m carrying on with this...thing.

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Amie said...

AH -I have the same feelings. I thought "oh, I want to learn to weave! And then when I tried various similar techniques (admitedly I've never used a full loom thing) I was just bored to tears. This tedious, long set up, then you move a shuttle back and forth, then a tedious clean up.

And spinning... oh, that was instant... that was a soul find.... mmm....

(btw, I just added your blog to my daily reads, and I've gone back to read all your entries so I'm all caught up!)