Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Harlot`s Knitting Olympics.

Yarn Harlot is holding the Knitting Olympics this year.

Somehow, I feel compelled to join in, though to be fair I`m not going to be watching much of the actual Olympics. So I have decided to attempt a pair of the notorious Jaywalker socks, from Magknits. After all, every knitter on the planet except me has knitted a pair of Jaywalkers. Th fact that I`ve only ever knitted one sock pattern in my life (plain stockinette top-down) does not deter me.

I felt I needed to do some research on Jaywalkers. What better place to start than the current Jaywalker KAL on January One`s blog ? And on there I found a link to this gallery of Jaywalkers, on Grumperina`s Knitblog

That gallery is seriously intimidating.....

However, useful information has been gleaned. I can use my favourite Opal yarn, of which I have several balls in the stash. I have the right needles...but I need to check my gauge over the pattern, and Harlot said that swatching was allowed because it was training. Good....because I`d better have a wee practice of the zigzag pattern too. More training!

(A small evil voice says that perhaps knitting an entire practice Jaywalker wouldn`t be regarded as legitimite training, perhaps. Oh well, never mind!)

I`m off to inspect the stash...and I`d better get on with the current socks on the needles, yes?


rho said...

Oh you are brave -- I am thinking still about doing a felted bag for the yarn olympics -- but making a committment like that hmmmm...

Marji said...

of course its allowed as training to knit a practice piece! She said it needed to be challenging but not impossible to complete - she never said a word that it needed to be something we've never done before. I decided to let my blog readers decide what I'm going to make since I had/have too many options so I might never make a decision - and they seem to be picking Lady Eleanor. I've never done Entrelac - oh no. I'm seriously thinking about doing a practice entrelac scarf before hand so that I know what I'm doing come Feb 10.
so go ahead, get started on a Jaywalker.

Carpeacum said...

I'm knitting the Jaywalker socks for the Olympics, too! I think we need a button all our own--an Olympic Jaywalking Team ;-)

Good luck, and swatch big if you want to!

Carpe acum! (Seize the needle!)