Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Onwards and upwards.

Well, I`m recovering, but slowly. I`m at that delightful point where my sinuses and lungs are starting to clear out and I am spending my days coughing and blowing my nose. Yuch. Everything I eat tastes foul, even chocolate. And I still find myself totally unable to get through a day without a little nap or two. I feel fine, I start doing something....I have to have a little sit down. Most frustrating, especically as the kids are still on holiday. By the time I`ve done all the necessary stuff for them I have no energy for anything else. The house is hip deep in dust and dirty laundry and I haven`t hoovered or cleaned the bathroom for nearly two weeks. Yes, I`m not Ms Housework at the best of times, but it gets to the point when even I get depressed about the mess. And by the time I summon up the energy to do it, there will be even more to deal with.

Where was I? Aha, knitting....

Made some progress on the Silk Tweed Sweater in that I`m up to the short row bust shaping section. I`ve never tried this before but as Summer Tweed has zero memory, I don`t want to make the sweater big enough to accomodate 50% of my bust and get the rest of the ease from the stretch of the knit which is what I usually do. I`m a bit dubious just looking at it but once I`ve finished the front and grafted the shoulder seams I`ll tack it together and have a look then.

I`ve also started crocheting Mairi a pink mohair shawl as part of my Stashalong efforts. Crochet? well, I bought some gorgeous wooden crochet hooks at Wingham Wool Work on the SkipNorth trip...dirt cheap, lovely to touch...so I thought I would see how much crochet I could remember.

Turned out I could at least recall how to crochet a granny square and Mairi wanted a square shawl, so that`s what I`m making, a giant pink mohair granny square, lol. But it does eat stash yarn in a most satisfactory way.

I also made a Möbius Scarf from this month`s "Simply Knitting". The pattern...especially the Möbius cast on....totally intrigued me and it was made from Summer Tweed to boot. (Have I mentioned I loooove Summer Tweed?

I didn`t understand the cast on method at all so just blindly followed the instructions...and hey presto, it worked! The pattern stated two skeins, but I didn`t want to use the second skein for what was obviously just going to be a few rows, so I used a contrast scrap of Summer Tweed instead. I really like the final effect and intend to try another, but just in garter stitch stripes.
You just wear it draped round your neck like a kerchief or knitted jewelry, and it`s surprisingly warm. I`m not a great scarf fan because I hade fiddly things round my neck, but I do like and will wear this.


sal the spider said...

Is the simply knitting mobius the "actual" real deal then and not just a twisted long thing? Coz if it is it's cheaper to buy the mag than to fork out for a Cat Bordhi book :-)
Sal x
ps I can sooo synpathise with getting to the "this mess is even too much mess for me" state, it's crap, keep taking it easy as you can or you'll relapse.Take care :-)

Spinningfishwife said...

Yes, it`s the real Mobius . No sewing up. It looks like total mince when you first start, but sort of grows in an amazing way. Even total non-knitters are interested when you force them to look at it!

Zippianna said...

I'm dashing out to get that magazine. Gee I hope it's available here on my sunny, er soggy coast.