Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Stashalong update.

this ? Partially it was in preparation for joining the Stashalong, partially it was to clear some space for SkipNorth purchases and partially it was to raise some cash for both SkipNorth and Woolfest.

The space cleared was almost instantly filled with SkipNorth purchases, of course. However I`ve finally sold the last batch of this lot on Ebay....

I raised about £150 for the lot, which I was pleased about. I was surprised to get so much, actually, but there were a lot of odd Rowan balls in there I suppose and there`s quite a lot of layers of bags in that photo. So the money has gone into the Woolfest account. I`m on a yarn diet at the moment for Stashalong.

Yesterday we took the kids and a couple of their pals to the zoo for a play on the various climbing frames, a picnic and a brief look at their favourite animals. One good thing about having an annual pass for the zoo is that you don`t really care if they don`t want to go round and see everything, like you feel obliged to if it`s your one and only trip that year and the day pass cost mega-money. It`s about £30 for a day pass for four, £100 for an annual pass and we`ve already been four times this year. Duncan is very interested in animals and spends quite a lot of time watching animal documentaries on the TV, so he does like seeing the animals. Well worth the money.

I still have the lurgy, but with a nice dose of ongoing nausea to boot. it was a very bad idea me going for a long walk on a cold day round the zoo trying to run point on a bunch of kids, and by 3pm I was reduced to a pale grey quivering wreck on one of the benches. It`s not possible to disappoint four kids of a promised treat though, is it? We came home after a brief wrangle round the gift shop and I crawled into bed for four hours. Got up for a couple of hours later on when Hubby had got the kids to bed then back for more sleep. Still feel wrung out and grey, but Hubby is at work today so needs must get on with things. I`ll try to take it easy today, not least because Hubby is starting to cough in an ominous fashion.....

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sal the spider said...

Think we could be in for a bout of lurgy too. Bill went for tea at a friend's last night only today friend is not in school......he's been "vomiting spectacularly" according to his mum. Lovely, that's Bill off to bed with a bucket tonight!!!
Sal x
keep your chin up!!