Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The time has come....

Well, perhaps not quite, but the end is in sight for our outside building works. The roof and walls are back on, the windows are in and they have even started to paint the rhones and downpipes. Amazing! The builders have "confidently" predicted the scaffolding should be coming down next week, leaving only the front and back doors plus some interior joinery work to be done.

And pigs might fly, eh? Because tomorrow we have what is called the "Snagging Inspection". This is when the Boss Builder, the Man From the Council and our Agent (who is a qualified surveyor) walk round the site with the works schedule and inspect everything for problems. Or snags. Things that still need done, things that have been overlooked, things that are not quite up to someone`s standards. Etc. And apparently it is very rare not to hit at least one medium sized snag.

Watch this space....

On a brighter note, the Haddington Spinners are having their annual Open Day this Saturday, 10am to 4pm, Poldrate Mill Granary, Haddington. It`s a modest event where basically all past and present members meet up and spend a day spinning and talking to the public, in the hope that we`ll find some future spinners amongst them.

It does happen...three years ago I went along to this event intending to stay for a short while and see what spinning looked like close up. Four hours later I was still there, clutching a drop spindle and some fibre I had bought at the Scottish Fibres stall but feeling far too shy to ask anyone to teach me to use it. (Silly me...they would have been delighted. They`re one of the nicest groups of women I have ever met. ) The rest, as they say, is history....I went home, taught myself to spindle spin from the web and two weeks later I had bought a wheel. So the Spinners got at least one new member that day!

Anyway, if you`re local and reading this, please do drop in. There will be cake and coffee, and you`re welcome to bring a packed lunch.

No cake for me though...the diet progessses, though slowly. I`m now creeping along losing the recommended 1-2 lbs per week and I have lost 16 lbs to date, whehay! Only another 12 lbs to achieve my original New Year resolution of losing two stone this year, but a rather bigger 28 lbs after that to lose before 1st July if I`m going to reach my second target of losing 4 stone in six months. To be honest I`m doubtful if I`ll quite make this one, but anywhere over 3 stone will be just fine.

And guess what I did today? I ran up our very long stairs. Sure, I felt positively unwell at the top but I was amazed that I could do it at all, quite frankly. Two months and 16 pounds ago I could barely walk the ten minute walk down to the school without getting a severe and nagging pain in my right ankle, and feeling really, really tired. I`ve still got a lot of weight to lose (more than that 4 stone by quite a long way) but I already feel a lot fitter, even though I don`t look that much thinner. And I feel better too. Most encouraging!


Wye Sue said...

Well done for loosing the weight so far, please can you stop me eating cake at Skipnorth, my lady keeps threating to hit me with a large stick coz I keep on being bad :-(
(she is a good friend so I dont mind that much!!)

The Knit Nurse said...

Well done for sticking to your diet. 16lbs is a lot. Keep at it. You'll get there in the end, especially if you're going to be running up and down stairs from now on. :)

Artis-Anne said...

Good for you sticking to your diet, says she who has just polished up the last piece of chocie cake :(
Glad to hear the builders are coming to an end, you will have to have an'open day ' Hope there will be NO snags

zippiknits said...

It is amazing what a weight of 16 lbs difference makes to your spirits and agility. Though it seems small, it's definitely not.

I have had to lose 18lbs, like forever.

Good Job on sticking to your plan!