Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Summer v. Winter.

Yup, I know I`ve not been blogging. Sorry, all. But you know, I think there`s always a general downturn in postings in Blogland at this time of year. We all go from being curled up in our caves with the curtains tight shut against the cold and dark, to bright warm days, sunshine (a bit, anyway!) and outdoor pursuits. Who`s got time to blog?

What have I been up to since April then? Well, the central heating did indeed get finished and I then called a halt to ALL home improvement stuff until after the summer school holidays. I spent the next few weeks clearing up a bit, doing allotment work and getting packed for our long holiday. We went away on 23rd June to France, and we got back ten days ago.

Spinning? Knitting? Fibre stuff? Well, I`ve knitted one and a half pairs of socks, finished the main sections of my Noro Shinano jacket and spun up a few bobbins of this and that. I did a couple of Spin in Public days with the Haddington Spinners at the Haddington Gala week and the Three Harbours art festival and....well, not much else. Not a lot to show for three months.

Anyhow, I`m back but still snowed under. The kids don`t go back to school till 20th August and I`m running around after them during the day. The allotment is like a jungle, we`ve got one more camping trip to get organised for and of course, I`m starting to gear up for Phase 4 of the house improvements ie the new kitchen. (I just don`t even want to think about this just now, okay?)

You know, the general perception of summer is long lazy days lying around doing not a lot and listening to the bees hum in the garden. Um. Not here. I`m knackered. Does anyone else find summertime the most exhausting season of the year? Roll on January!


glittrgirl said...

Yay! So nice to hear from you! la dthings are going OK (ish) :D We missed you!

Juno said...

Summer OUGHT to be lazier and more pleasant than the rest of the year, but what it turns out to be mostly is the same as the rest of the year - or in the case of mothers, MORE - just hotter and sweatier.

Welcome home.

zippiknits said...

Nice to see you posting again. Sure missed you. To answer your question about summertime, it gets so hot here that we need things indoors to do, and Fall/Winter/ Spring gives Californians a lot of sun to be out in that will not roast us to a crisp in 1 min after sucking all the moisture out.