Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Final Frontier.

Yup, my Ravelry invitation came yesterday afternoon. Even Hubby was getting vaguely interested by this time so even though I`d already checked twenty minutes before he came in, I checked again. Bingo!

I`m registered as...guess who....Spinningfishwife. I couldn`t be Spinning Fishwife because you`re not allowed more than 16 characters in your name, it seems, including spaces.

Hmm. Well, it`s not quite what I expected. The database facility to search yarns, patterns and what people have done with both is fantastic...I`ve been poking around in that, looking at everything anyone has made out of the more obscure yarns in my stash and inspecting 70+ pairs of Falling Leaves socks etc. Very useful, nothing else quite like it out there on the web. I think it`s a total winner.

Forums? Do I need to belong to more forums? No I do not, but I`ll probably join in at some point. Ditto the Groups thingie. Both duplicates of things we have plenty of already. Nice to have it all in one place, I suppose.

It was a bit like first day at university, really. Vast place, not sure what`s going on or quite what you`re meant to be doing, too much choice and not enough time. I`m sure I`ll get round everything in time and 75% of it won`t be of the least interest or relevence to my preferred sort of craftwork, but I will look of course. But if that`s what it`s like now, Gawd knows what it`s going to be like when 5,000 folk per week start arriving!

Anyway, the Falling Leaves socks? You`ll be pleased to hear I conquered the crochet cast on short row heel on the fourth try, and am now on the lace section. Pity I can`t carry a 12-stitch repeat pattern over three repeats in my head with any great reliability, but that`s the challenge, no? At least we have Post-It notes!


Juno said...

Generally I agree that more forums are not what I am looking for.....I have a native aversion.
But there are some useful ones - I've joined one that just about bust fitting issues and I've learned some good things already.

But mostly, I love the databases, the browsing capability and the ability to browse so many different versions of things. Inspiration all over the place, and answers to questions and yarn porn, my favorite things.

yvette said...

Post-it notes are a must for me, I have a terrible memory. Have fun in ravelry.