Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Not yet, alas, but I`m thrilled to see that I`m now down to 888th on the list, as opposed to the upper 3,000th that I was a month ago. I get the impression that a lot of forum members and bloggers are spending most of their PC time there, because everywhere in knittingwebland is still so quiet. I want to see what`s going on in there!

Yup, now it`s the end of summer and the kids are back at school, my thoughts are turning back to woolly things again. Socks, mostly. What is it about knitting socks? I love (compared to a sweater), easy to carry around, don`t have to worry about the FO making you look fat and even quite quick to knit. (For most folk...) If I had picture capability I would show you the sock I`m currently knitting...just plain vanilla pattern, but in a gorgeous Lorna`s Laces SS colour called Purple Iris. Nice sock. And I`ve been buying sock wool like there`s no tomorrow...

So, given that I have a couple of years worth of sock knitting materials now stashed, I decided to set myself a little challenge. One pair of socks per month. Pathetically easy? Not for me...I need motivation. It`s a fact that I managedto knit myOlympic Jaywalkers in two weeks, after all. (I knit three, almost, what with all the frogging of mistakes! So plain, or simple lace/rib socks, should be do-able in a month, no?

So I`ll finish the Purple Iris socks by the end of the month (I`m on the heel of No2) and then choose something suitably Septemberish to do next. Any suggestions?


Rosie said...

You're about 500 closer than I am. I'm really hoping that Ravelry *won't* stop people blogging, though!

Happy knitting.

yvette said...

Ravelry is great, I love it, though the amount of things I see other people knitting, is making my queue of things to knit, HUGE!!
So that is one distraction from blogging, spinning is another, thanks for all your help, pics tomorrow.
Septemberish sock, what about Monkeys in something autumnal? I need to start my second one but it is a fun easy pattern. Happy sock knitting.