Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Scottish Fibres' Autumn School 2007.

Scottish Fibres are running an Autumn School on the 13/14th October in Dalkeith near Edinburgh. It looks very interesting and these of you that know Doreen from Woolfest and other events around the country will know she's a very good organiser, so this should be an interesting event. Also there's not enough big fibre related events up here in the uttermost north, so it's great to see a new event and I feel it deserves support.

I'm not going to any of the Saturday workshops, but I may pop along just to have a nose around and (*ahem*) spend some money. I've signed up to attend the Sunday talks though, and am really looking forwards to it. Anyone else going?


gourdongirl said...

Would have loved to have gone, but home game on Saturday and away games on Sunday means its a no can do!

yvette said...

Oh, I wish.