Sunday, September 30, 2007

September Socks.

I finnished my Falling Leaves socks last night.

I like them, but the experience of knitting them was a bit of a slog. Even the second sock got tinked back a few rows here and there. I did knit the it in just a few days though after stalling on it for several other days so obviously I'm getting faster at the pattern. Not in any great hurry to repeat them though. Incidentally, I made the leg of the sock a little shorter than the pattern suggested. I've got short legs and don't like socks coming up too high, nor do I like folding the tops over when wearing ankle boots. This leg length works for me.

However I learned quite a lot from knitting them. The toe up method, provisional cast on and short row toe I will definately use again. I'm less keen on the short row heel...even if it is the same process as the toe construction, I don't like the finish of the side, with all these holes. I did like the finished lace, but I didn't like having to watch the chart all the time. But all in all a good learning pair of socks, and they're pretty too.

Ten minutes after I had darned in the ends and put the above on my feet, I'd cast on my October socks....

These are Campfire socks, from Cider Moon. I'm knitting them in the Claudia yarn that I received from JadeDragon, as a lovely extra in a sock yarn swap. The colour is "Eat Your Veggies", and because of this I knitted a few rows of them on the allotment this afternoon. I do love this colourway, especially the flashes of acid green.

I wanted something quick and easy, after the trials of the Falling Leaves! These fit the bill...they're knitted on 3.25mm needles, top cast on of 44 stitches for a medium size and the two row broken rib pattern is a piece of cake. I'm already nearly at the heel, and that's taken a mere 55 rows of knitting. They're working up into nice cushy chunky socks. I don't think they're quite my colour though, but will be perfect for son Duncan. He LOVES green.

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