Saturday, October 25, 2008

Not doing well at this!!

I'm not doing well at this blogging malarky at the moment, am I? Perhaps I should join NaBloPoMo again for November and bore you all to tears. Sometimes blogging becomes just another thing to do at the end of the day and when you get to that point, you're just too tired or can't be bothered. It's good discipline though to ocassionally set yourself a firm target to do something, just to get out a rut.

I've had lots of things to blog about too, so it's a pity. Housey stuff, two big spinning days, holidays, new wheel, birthdays, Paws and the Annual Cake Making. So a month of catching up on these might be good, no?

In the meanwhile, I'm off to a one day craft gallery event in my neighbouring market town. A very artistic friend of mine, who does a lot of weaving as well as painting, is running a one day exhibition of local crafters and artists work. Now I'm not getting into the debate about art v. craft when it comes to spinning, but I regard myself as a craftswoman, not an artist. Full stop. So I normally never put things into exhibitions. I make stuff for me, not for others to look at. However my friend has a sugar coated tongue and has persuaded me to put a basket (made by me) of sample skeins into her exhibition. Lots of fancy trial stuff like beaded and snarled yarns. Plus I'm going along to sit outside the door and spin for a while, just to lure some of the passers-by in. (If it rains I'm going to be inside...!)

Anyway, if anyone is out and about at the Farmer's Market in Haddington today, they might like to pop into the "One Day Craft Gallery". It's at Flat 4 Alexandra Place, Haddington, between the library and St Mary's Church Hall neat Tesco.


Helen said...

I hope you're taking cat photos so that we can catch up later.

Listening to the wind and rain lashing outside, I'm thinking you're not sitting on the pavement in Haddington...

Anonymous said...

I am a knitter in Colorado, USA who enjoys reading your blog from the other side of the world. Your descriptions of life, spinning, knitting, and paws bring a bit of Scottish sunshine (or rain) to me. I marvel at how small the world becomes when we share gift/skills in common.

P.S. My DD loves your pictures of Oliver...she asks if there are new ones on a weekly basis!