Saturday, October 25, 2008

Who needs electronics?

Though the kids do have all the usual bleepity electronic objects that the youth of today deem necessary, they can also make their own entertainment. For instance, Dining Table Football.

At the north end of the pitch, playing the Vinegar and Chilli Sauce team, Lad.

At the south end, Princess, as the HP-Ketchup.

As Centre Forward for both teams, Oliver.

Paws as (reluctant) sub.

And yes, the ball is a screwed up Toblerone wrapper. Ohh, we know how to have fun in this house, I can tell you. They got a good 45 minutes of entertainment out of that wrapper before Ollie lost it behind the dresser, lol.

"I izz too beautiful for to play nasty rough games. Would mezz up de fur."

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Helen said...

Oliver is huge!!!