Thursday, October 02, 2008

Spinning fibre.

During the credit cruch, it's good to use what you've got to hand rather than spend money.

Huge fibre potential here, and not far to go for it either....

This is Lad. Excellent crimp but coarse quality so only for carpets and outerwear. It's wasted on a boy, really....

Princess would LOVE to have had the above hair but she's got my uberfine wispy locks instead. The staple length is impressive though.

Completely unspinnable. Sorry, Ollie!!!!


thereyougothen said...

every time I brushed pidgie I wondered what sort of yarn cat hair would make!

maybe my next pet will be an alpaca.

zippiknits said...

Very funny post. Lol.

My little dog can grow out hair 7 inches long, except the heat would get him.

What a beautiful color your two new economy fleece are. You will make them a garment of it, right?