Thursday, June 29, 2006

Where did......??????

Where did the last seven weeks of my life go???? EEEKKK!!!

You know these times when you get utterly, utterly caught up on a loop of life that just sweeps you into different channels for a while? No, not big dramatic life-changing times, but just currents? Well, that`s whats been happening here. I`ve been swept away from the world of blogging by the twon influences of camping and allotmenting. And, of course, the time-consuming social lives of my two kids, both of which tend to get x4 more complicated during summer.

Oh yeah, and I had some nasty little low-grade virus. We all did. Not enough to make you decently ill, just enough to cut your speed by 50%.

However, much to report but not a lot of it knitting related. Two titbits to whet your appitites though.

I bought this.....

...which is a Conway Camargue trailer tent, for the uninitiated.

And we are also getting these in two weeks time, when they`re old enough to leave their mum.

They are called Theoderic Blackfoot (Blackie for short) and Missy, and in the picture they are four weeks old. Cute, eh? Now I get to be a proper spinner and knitter. You have to have cat hair in all your spinning and knitting to be authentic. Technically they belong to my kids, but we all know who cats love best...the person who`s currently opening the cat food tin.

So apologies to all who have missed me, and thanks for the emails. I`m off to
Woolfest today, so might even see one or two of you there? Gourdongirl and I are camping on the Graysonside campsite nearby, along with a few dozen other fibre addicts. Should be fun.

Back Sunday. See you all then.