Friday, May 30, 2008


I am a bad blogger. Mea culpa! I have been busy with doing a great many other things, few of which are anything to do with knitting and even less of them are worth blogging about.

But I'm sure you'll forget all about my sins when you see this picture....

This is Oliver and he is one week old. His mum Lily lives a few doors away from us and is barely a year old so when her owners noticed she was looking a bit fat round the middle they put it down to a few too many mice. The next day there were two kittens with her in her cosy nest in the bottom of the airing cupboard.

They are keeping the little girl, but they knew we'd lost our two cats so offered us Oliver if we'd like him. Like him? Isn't he gorgeous? He is small and soft and round and all he can do is squeak and suck, but his mum is a lovely friendly young miss and we're sure he'll have a lot of her personality, growing up with such a good birth family. She looks a bit hissy here, but in fact was perfectly comfortable with Lad and me touching her kittens. She's a good mum, despite her being very young.

So we're very happy with Oliver. It's not so long since Theo got killed and we weren't intending another cat so soon but we really couldn't say no. We won't be getting him till he's 11 weeks old anyway, because that's when we'll be back from France. We were intending to get another kitten as a friend for Theo anyway. Just a bit sad that it's happened this way.

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering Oliver is going to be a house cat. Two cats killed on the road outside our house within three months of each other is two cats too many, no? We're hoping to get a pal for Oliver though, so he'll have company.