Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Paws's paw.

I have just spent fifteen minutes chasing Paws round the house trying to get a good look at his paw. He is one hairy cat and has very hairy paws but there was a something growing out one of his toes, he was limping and every two minutes he was stopping to pick at it. I thought he might have torn a claw out or something. Still, he wasn't keen for me to look at it and kept on running for cover. When I did finally get hold of him (using a large towel for body armour) he still put up quite a fight and gave me a couple of good nips.

It was a sugar puff stuck in his fur.

So while I am very glad he's okay and that I'm not going to have to tale him to the vet, that's fifteen minutes of my life I'll never see again and I have two cat bites in my thumb. My knitting thumb at that. Pets, eh? Worse than the bloomin' kids!