Saturday, September 02, 2006


At last! Some knitting has been done!

First in ages too. Somehow I always hit a knitting slump in the summer months. I`ve got too many other outdoor things I`d rather do in summertime and that usually means the evening is spent finishing off chores. But the nights are fair drawing in, as we Scots say, and it`s getting colder so my thoughts are turning to knitting again. Plus I`ve been sorting out the kids` clothes, and they both seem to have grown out of 99% of their warmer stuff. I`d feel pretty pathetic buying them wooly jumpers, wouldn`t I, not with the attic stuffed to the rafters with wool and yarn. I feel I have to knit them at least one sweater each, plus hat and scarf.

So after a quick rummage around the stash I unearthed the Sirdar Denim Sport Aran I bought for kiddy sweaters last spring, following a lead that Alison from CityKnitty posted for a really amazing sale. I think it was about 95p a ball, so I bought enough of a colourway with a pale pink fleck for a jersey for Mairi, and a denim colourway for Duncan. Yup, sure it`s an acrylic blend, but given that my kids tend to wear sweaters for messing around on the edge of rugby fields or campsites, the machine washability of it is a real plus. And it actually feels pretty good because of the wool and cotton in the blend as well. It knits up fast into a nice smooth cosy fabric too. A good yarn for kids.

I decided I didn`t like the very simple T-shaped sweater pattern I`d originally thought about using for this yarn so it was back to the bookshelves. Eventually I decided on Nell from the Debbie Bliss Junior Knits book. Of course, Debbie Bliss is notorious for her hugely oversized childrens` patterns so I wasn`t in the least bit surprised to find myself knitting the age 3-4 size to get a finished chest size of 30 3/4 inches. Bliss kids are short too, btw. I always end up putting in extra length as well!

Here we have a truely inspirational picture of ten inches of straight stocking stitch....

I quite like the odd bit of non-stop stocking stitch, btw. I know it bores most knitters to tears, but I like being able to mindlessly rattle back and forwards while reading a book or on the PC. I`m not a fast knitter and I find it difficult to carry a pattern reliably in my head for even one row (unlike my amazingly prolific friend GourdonGirl) so it`s nice to make something I can knit fast for a change.

I see that the same pattern gives an amazing 41 1/2 inch finished chest measurement for a 9-10 year old, btw!! I think I may make it for Duncan, who`s not a small boy by any means. Matching (apart from the colour) brother and sister sweaters, ick ick!


rho said...

I'm so glad someone else reads books on the computer while knitting :D

I'm doing bibs and burp cloths for a shower for twins next week -- good mindless plain knit -- I LOVE IT!!!

Aprilynne said...

That sweater looks super comfy! I like mindless knitting, too, but audio books and movies are my excuse!

Zippianna said...

Mindless knitting is such a blessing. I love to watch videos- glance at- while knitting stockinette. Maybe I'll try books soon since the library has finally gotten some up on their web site here. Nice pinky/flecky color there. You have an attic of stash. Wow! You just go upstairs and shop! I'm jealous!


And I'M so glad that it isn't just me that ends up with vastly oversized children's jumpers when they knit DB patterns. Short in the body and long in the arms usually too. My mates with kids all take the piss saying that it is because I don't know what size kids are. Now I can blame it on DB instead. Cheers!

glittrgirl said...

Mindless knitting is great - plain old stocking stitch is like meditation for knitters, unlike the 9x9 rib nightmare I was knitting. Mind you the finished jumper was so worth it :D And I love your kitties btw.