Thursday, September 07, 2006

Spindle spinning.

I`m not a great fan of spindle spinning...I admire other folk that can do it well, but as I currently own five wheels a spindle is not my first choice when it comes to choosing something to spin on. I first learned to spin on a spindle, of course, but very quickly bought a wheel.

But..I do own a handful of spindles and would like a Bosworth one day, simply because...well, because. I was lucky enough to see some and to meet Sheila and Johnathon Bosworth at Woolfest this year..there can`t be many in the UK that can claim to have had their first ever try of a book charka under the eye of Johnathen Bosworth, no? (I was mince at it, btw, but the prototype Bosworth book charka is a work of art...)

However, when I saw this spindle in a charity shop, I had to buy it...I had to tell the ladies behind the counter what it was, which was rather funny.

It cost £3, and it`s huge...that bottom whorl is four inches across, and weighs about three times as much as any of my other spindles. But it spins like a dream...on, and on, and on...I`m beginning to wonder if the reason for my previous total apathy to spindle spinning is because I`ve never had a spindle that suited me?


spider said...

A very good friend of mine, Lorry Bryant, originally from England but now living in Wales, went to Woolfest this year, too. Do you happen to know each other? Anyways, she gifted me with a Bosworth "Featherweight" in purpleheart. It's a lovely, little spindle for spinning very fine yarns.

Robin said...

Aha! I tell people all the time that you don't have to spend a lot to find the perfect spindle/wheel! I bartered for my wheel...and it's a perfect fit for me! I know a lot of people who buy 2 and 3 wheels (spending lots of $$$) trying to find one that "fits" them!
Hope your head stopped hurting!

Spinningfishwife said...

Spider, I`m sorry, I don`t know your friend, unless she has a blog and I read that? There were many thousands of (mostly women) at Woolfest. I wished they`d all worn badges with their real and blog names...would have made life a lot easier.

Spinningfishwife said...

Robin, I have different wheels for different things, and I can spin on all of them. I`m pretty averags in height, though, no health problems either. I think you learn to adapt to your wheel, within reason.
Though there`s no denying my first wheel (my Louet) is my favourite, and the one I feel most comfortable with.

spider said...

Spinningfishwife - No, Lorry's no blogger, I'm afraid. Gosh, she doesn't even like using e-mail much. Instead she prefers to call these days. Geesh, that's expensive! We've known each other for about 15 years as pen-pals. I met her in person only a few years ago, though. Will no doubt be writing about her on my blog soon. Want to say I'm enjoying your blog alot. Cheers, Jenny

jessie said...

I am hoping to buy my first "real" drop spindle today! I have an on-again off-again relationship with the spindle. Right now it's ON because I'm enjoying the small-batch nature of the spindle. I don't seem to have time to commit to sitting at the wheel lately and the spindle seems more convenient.

Plus, I'm joining Margene's October dye/spin/knit socks on a spindle challenge and I need to be ready! Are you in on that one?