Thursday, September 14, 2006

Woollywormhead`s become famous!!

Hey look, Woollywormhead become famous! Well, she always has been, come to think of it, within the knitting universe, but Simply Knitting? That`s becoming known in the big bad outside world where there are still unfortunate people that don`t know about wool and fibre and knitting. They only know they want to, which is why they`re buying Simply Knitting. And there be WW. Yeah!

And, I`ll have you know, I`ve sat next to her and watched her make a hat. I`ve touched some of her knitting!! Does this make me famous by association???? (

But I did help persuade her to buy a new spinning wheel. I`m very proud of that. I`ve got a real talent for persuading people to buy spinning wheels, so I`ve discovered. ;-)

That reminds me...the Edinburgh Guild of Spinners, Dyers and Weavers has a meeting on Saturday. I haven`t been to a spinning meeting all summer, alas, so I must go to this one. It`s a very lively and interesting group, with very friendly people. Well worth attending, if you live anywhere in the Edinburgh area. It`s at Craiglockhart Church Hall, every third Sarurday of the month.

And I signed up for the new session of the Haddington Spinners group as well. This is where I was first inspired to learn to spin, after I popped in to their Open Day for a "quick look" a couple of years ago...and stayed for the entire day, asking relentless questions. Two weeks later I`d bought a wheel. Funny how just watching someone spin makes you think. "I want to do that too. I want a wheel like that.....!"

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Woolly Wormhead said...

Yes, you evil enabler, encouraging people to buy spinning wheels ;)

Your post did make me laugh, gotta say! And can't thank you enough for introducing me to the Hitch-Hiker... best thing I've ever bought!

Happy spinning xx