Saturday, September 16, 2006

Old car, new car.

This is my old car. It got towed away to the great scrapyard in the sky on 1st September 2006. It was an M-reg Renault Savanna seven seater 2.1 litre turbo diesel estate.

It may look like a pile of rusty crap here, but it was the best car we`ve ever owned. We bought it when it was six months old (ex-rental) and kept it for over eleven years before it recieved its final fatal injury from a daft female muppet that couldn`t park in an empty field. It could carry three tandems on the roof, three bikes on the back, two adults and two kids, camping gear to the ceiling inside and still do a steady 60-70mph with a fully laden trailer tent hitched to the back. And it was a seven seater too, did I say? Incredibly useful car when there were hoards of kids to be ferried around.

This is my new car. It`s a six month old (ex-rental) Ford Mondeo 2.0 Zetec TDCI diesel estate, in "Stardust Silver".

My only gripe at it is there wasn`t a seven seater model availible. In all other respects, it`s brilliant. It has acceleration that you wouldn` belive for a diesel estate. It has alloy wheels. It has cupholders!!!!! It has space in the back for a big ten year old son to get comfy in for the next few years and...get even has a 12v socket in the boot to run the camping fridge on.

And it`s shiney. I`m not sure I can cope with a shiney car. I`ve always driven the whichever of our cars is the current official Rusty Old Banger. Shiney? I might end up feeling I have to wash it occasionally. Shiney is so not me.

All it needs now is the tandem bike racks on top, a towball, the old trailer tent hitched on the back and a few scratches. Oh, and a few coke cans on the floor and some dirt smears. A faintly allotment whiff. Then...then it will be my car, lol. Just like the Renault.


Alison said...

it looks lovely! and can't you get seats fitted inthe boot? I know subaru do seats that are basically a seat cushion and back bolted to the floor of the boot.


rho said...

It's beautiful -- my favorite color --- but didn't anyone point out to you that the steering wheel is on the wrong side ;)

Robin said...


Anonymous said...

Flash! Congratulations. Your old car reminds me of my mother's ancient VW Passat - there never was one like it afterwards... Bless. Never commented here before but have got to ask: where and how does one get hold of an ex-rental car? Thanks M.

Nell said...

My mum and dad had an e-reg renault 21 estate from new (what's that, like 1987!) Mum sold it in 2000 when i passed my test (too big for me!) and she was gutted! Still misses it now. I have a 2006 Ford Focus estate on hire now and it's ace! TDi and super fast. I'm not gonna want my GOlf back!

Fair isle faerie said...

Cheers ! id not have noticed it for looking !


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Maria Wegner said...

It’s been more than six years since you posted this, so I’m just wondering how your car’s doing now. I suppose that the car’s doing fine, since Mondeo has been long regarded as an ideal family car. I mean, the accolades this model garnered through the years are just impressive. Anyway, thanks for telling us a bit about your cars’ history!