Tuesday, October 31, 2006

"Black Cat With 29 Miniature Pumpkins".

Yes, they`re real, I grew them. We did have thirty (from only two plants) but one has been given away already. We sent most of them into Mairi`s primary one class to use as part of the Halloween display.

And doesn`t Theo make a great vampire-type cat?

Have a nice Halloween, folks.


Alison said...


Wye Sue said...

They're cute !!
What variety are they ?

Anonymous said...

Happy Halloweeny to you!

rho said...

Great mini pumpkins - and since you already have the prerequisite black cat as a familiar are you dressing up as a witch tonight

Spinningfishwife said...

Sue, I think they were called "Jack be Little". Naturally I have thrown the empty seed packet away though. They`re not much good for eating, btw.

No dressing up for me, Rho...it`s not traditional here for grown ups to dress up in Halloween costumes unless going to an actual party. .

Zippianna said...

Oh those spooky eyes! I love tiny pumpkins and usually carve about five of them to light with tiny white lights and set into the window sills at the front of the house. They look great.