Monday, October 23, 2006

The scaffolding cometh...

The builders arrived at 8am today. Were we expecting them? Nope. I was having a shower while thinking about the kittens...they were booked into the vets to be neutered today. So when the doorbell rang I thought it was the postman.

Was I prepared? Nope. I had pretty well decided that this just wasn`t going to happen this side of Christmas, which would have been a total PITB because I would then have had to make Christmas lunch for all my nearest and dearest. Now I can rely on my kitchen being mostly in the nearest skip on Christmas day, yeah! There is a silver lining in every we can go out to eat or inflict ourselves on someone else.

Downside of course is that I have slowed down slightly in my dejunking efforts to the point of coming to a total standstill. So the house is not ready for an invasion of builders. Fortunately they don`t need interior access for a whileand now that they`re here I feel remotivated. Tommorow I`ll dejunk for Scotland, belive me.

Today? Well, last day of school half term so I did what every sane woman would do the day the builders arrive for a ten week stay....I took the kittens to the vet, then took the kids out for the morning and lunch. We went to Dynamic Earth which was really interesting, even for a five year old. Lots to see and do. Now we`re home waiting for the pick-up call from the vet. Poor little cats. Seems a bit unfair to remove all choice of reproduction from another living creature in a way. But it would have been a very bad idea to have a brother/sister pair of unneutered cats in the house, so off to the vet they went.

Kids go back to school Tomorrow.


The Knit Nurse said...

Hooray for scaffolding! It's amazing how a bit of motivation can aid the dejunking process.

I like the cold bit in Dynamic Earth. I felt slightly dubious about the going back in time part at the start though. Can imagine would be big and exciting for 5 year olds.

rho said...

Yea for scaffolding - now you get all the excuses lined up.

I had a friend come in and measure my kitchen to come up with some ideas on what to do with my kitchen since I have to redo it now -(the cabinets are falling off the wall and no way to fix them)

Woolly Wormhead said...

Know what you mean about chopping of their bits, but the planet is already over run with homeless pussy cats. They'll be fine.

Yey for scaffolding!

Zippianna said...

I am watching your progress with interest as we are ripping out a kitchen soon and remodeling ourselves. Good Luck!