Sunday, October 15, 2006


Good Gawd, is it really four weeks since I updated this blog??? My apologies!!!!!

What have I been doing? Well, many things, but no, the building work hasn`t started yet, alas. We are waiting on one single piece of paper, the permit for the scaffolding to be erected. We live on a main traffic artery, you see, and our scaffolding may have an impact on the traffic flow. We will get the permit, but not sure when. And of course, we`re getting close to the point where we may not have time to complete the work by Christmas. And building companies don`t like leaving scaffolding unattended for two weeks of holiday time. There is always the possibility some drunk might decide to climb it, fall off, break his neck and the builders would get sued, you see. Or us! So there`s a growing chance that the repair start date may be put back to January......*sigh*

Watch this space.

As to the rest, well, life goes on as usual. I turned forty-eight last week and young Miss Mairi turns five next week. We`ve had two parties already...her big bash at the trampoline centre for her schoolfriends. Fourteen little girls dressed up as fairies and princesses bouncing around and pretending to fly, lol. Very cute! No pix though, because they`re not all my kids and I don`t want to post pix of other kids here without parental permission, sorry. We also had a small family party last week, for my, Mairi`s and Duncan`s birthdays. (Duncan turned ten last month.) They didn`t mind sharing this party but they didn`t want to share a cake, so I made two, one for him and one for her. Kids are weird about this sort of thing, no?

And on the knitting and spinning front? Well, I am back for the new sessions of both the Edinburgh and Haddington spinners Guilds, and I have been working on finishing up a lot of small projects. Plus I finished Mairi`s jumper, nearly done another pair of socks and am looking for a nice pattern for the peacock yarn I spun up over the summer. No, no pictures just yet. Weather and light have been foul here as we settle into the long greyness of the Scottish winter.

Half term next week...already! We`ve got a few things planned for outings, so I may get some pictures then. We`ll see.



I couldn't take a decent pic of anything last week in this horrible half light that we will no doubt be living in for the next six months. Grrrrr.

The Knit Nurse said...

Happy Birthday to you all! Last year we got fed up of the gloomy winter and bought one of those ~150W lamps from Ikea. It really does make a big difference.

Anonymous said...

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spider said...

Happy 48th Birthday! We're the same age - except I'm turning to 49 on the winter solstice. Looking forward to your pictures.

Woolly Wormhead said...

You are still here then! Happy belated birthday.

This light is crap, isn't it? I'm actually going to buy some 'special lighting' for taking fibery photos. When I get some money.