Monday, February 27, 2006

Knitting Olympics update...finish line!

I finished my Olympic Jaywalkers on time, yeah!!!

As predicted, I had to finish them at Skip North and I did indeed have to kitchener the second toe in public (apologies to all there for the faint snarlings if anyone talked to me during this activity). However it does mean that I had seventeen reliable knitting witnesses to the fact that I did indeed finish nearly 48 hours ahead of the Olympic flame being extinguished. I didn`t take a picture though as the light in the lounge of the Haworth Youth Hostel rivalled that of the gas lamps it must have originally had. And of course no access to this blog to post a picture anyway.

I must say I`m quite chuffed with this pair of socks. They are definately identical twins, not fraternals, though I`m not sure if the picture shows this fact to best advantage. Take my word for it though...they match. Or rather, the stripes match. The mistakes (I think I must have knitted enough to make three Jaywalkers to allow for all the frogging) don`t match. They are unique mistakes in each sock. You have to look pretty closely to spot them though!

I learned a lot from knitting them, not least of which was the lesson "If you don`t keep on picking the knitting up and actually adding a few rows, they ain`t going to get finished". Interesting concept that. One which I haven`t fully taken on board before now and I`ve been knitting years.

I don`t know if I`ll ever wear them though. They fit, but my fat little legs are not something I want to draw attention to! I could frame them and hang them on the wall?

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gourdongirl said...

I was one of those who witnessed you crossing the finishing line!! Well done Isabella I had every faith in you and you can now tell Derek that you have actually finished knitting something!....LOL