Thursday, October 04, 2007

October socks...done.

Hey, remember I cast these on last Saturday night? Well, it's Thursday night now, five days later, and I just finished them.

I'll post another photo taken in daylight tomorrow, because I want to have a closer look at the colour variation, but I just wanted to prove that I'd finished them. In five days. Moi, who can take a month normally to knit one single sock.

Okay, they're on 3.25 needles with heavier than usual 4-ply sock yarn and they only have 48 stittches in the round. Plus I knitted the legs 1" shorter than the pattern asks for (a wise decision as I've only got about three yards of yarn left from the skein) and they're for my son, who takes a size 6.5 (UK). But even with that, they're a fast, simple fun knit, with lots of instant gratification factor, yeah.

And now I've got the rest of the month to knit something else, no? How about this Fulled Lopi Tote in my recent charity shop raid Lopi? I've never knitted anything to felt before now.


JustApril said...

Still... that's really FAST sock knitting! I'm impressed =)

gourdongirl said...

I'm well impressed!!!! That would give me a mega run for my money!