Sunday, December 30, 2007

Thank you.

Thanks to all who left comments or sent me emails about Missy. It was comforting. I know it's a reasonably common occurance for pets to die for whatever reason, but she and Theo her brother were actually the first two pets I've had since I left my mother's house, and when my mother's cats died I'd been away for years and it didn't have the same impact. Funny how the little gits get under your skin, whilst still managing to ignore you half the time, eh? Theo is also managing fine, though he does have a somewhat puzzled look on his face when he sees only one food bowl on the tray. We're giving him a lot of fuss and treats, but there's no denying he's not the brightest twig on the tree and it's quite possible that he just thinks she's off catching a particularly agile mouse or something.

On a brighter note, I just wanted to show you a photo I took of my kids, Lad and Princess, on Christmas morning. (Pre-accident.)

Pretty well sums the two of them up, really. The slogan on the t-shirt is a World of Warcraft joke, btw. No, I don't understand it either. Hubby bought it for Lad. But most of Lad's friends find it hilarious, so presumably it is. Oh, and Princess doesn't usually look this red eyed, it was just that she got some play make up, including pink eyeshadow. Not a girl that really appreciates the concept of less is more when it comes to warpaint. But the expression? It says it all, really. We are NOT amused!

PS. Seen Kerrie's blog today? I'm proud to report that she saw it here first. Ohh, if there's one thing almost as good as being able to buy 3,000 packs of yarn for yourself, it's enabling someone else to do it. I do so hope she posts photos of it all on the Open Day!


ambermoggie said...

Hi Sabella, sorry about the sad Christmas,
BTW I think it was very noble of you to let Kerrie have the yarn, I know you would have given it a great home there:) Happy New year

Juno said...

I've been away and didn't see yesterday's post until just now - I am so sorry about the wee beastie. The do get under the skin, the little domestic predators.