Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Flat Battery Day.

I'm having a flat battery day. I always get like this when I've overdone things. I had a very long day at Ingliston on Saturday and though it was all sitting down, it was tiring in it's own way. On Sunday we had two lots of visitors (BIL and my sister) and I had shopping and all the weekend chores to catch up on. Which I didn't so spent Monday doing that. Actually I don't remember a lot of what I did on Monday which is always a bit of a bad sign for me. On Tuesday I was spinning at Haddington, which involves giving lifts to a carless spinner who lives near me...not normally a problem but it does add an hour onto my day. So I was barely back for a 10 minute lunch when I had to go out for Princess's Open Day at school, then had her little friend back for the rest of the day and Brownies, plus grocery shopping in the evening. Then this morning is the early start one for everyone when we all have to go out early to take The Albatross (otherwise known as Lad's trombone) into school.

So I'm sitting here at 10am having been up for three hours, done school run, shopping, second load of laundry in, been to the Post Office for Hubby and...I'm knackered. Flat battery day. What I really feel like doing is going back to bed for a couple of hours but that's not an option as I'm waiting for a parcel delivery. They've tried to deliver once already and if I miss this try then they take it back to the depot and I have to collect it. That's 45 minutes drive each way, urgh. Not doing that!

This afternoon I have a double school pick up (Albatross again) then a fairly brisk turn around to take Lad to rugby practice after an early teatime. Somewhere in between I need to make dinner, make the beds, deal with several loads of laundry and have a shower. (Shower after the parcel has arrived!) That's all I really have to do today. But if I was feeling well, I would also either be at the allotment or I would hoover the house, clean the stairs, tidy up a bit and start doing a few things on the Christmas list, like write a menu plan/shopping list or go up the attic and wrap some pressies and bring the table and tree and boxes of decorations down. I feel stressed at the amount of things I should be doing! Now I know darn well that if I really force myself I could get some of this done but I'll still feel as rough tomorrow. Whereas if I give myself an easy day I'll hopefully feel more up to things tomorrow.

It's a no brainer, isn't it? So why do I feel so pressurised to do it, rather than make myself a nice brunch and go and sit with some knitting and my feet up for a couple of hours? Why are women so hard on themselves?????????????

Oh, I remember what I did on Monday. (Between chores.) I made Princess her Viking outfit. She was very pleased with it and, though I say it myself, it was the most authentic looking outfit there on the day, if you ignore the fact that the "spun yarn" on the spindle cop is 100% acrylic, lol!


Helen said...

Back when we were all looking forward to life in the 21st century, I don't recall anything being said about how much time we would spend waiting for parcels.

Have a day off: schedule one, with brunch. Nobody else need know.

Rosie said...

I felt knackered just reading about your schedule. Grab as much rest today as you can and no guilt tripping yourself. Princess makes a mighty fine Viking.

Anonymous said...

I think December is just one of those flat battery months... roll on Christmas! Costume looks great.