Saturday, November 06, 2010


It's still monsoon season here. I haven't seen rain like this since....ohh, our 2008 camping holiday where about 100 slugs came to live in our tent every night. Think I'm not serious? We were overrun with slugs.

Today was an interesting day. I bought some yarn from The Yarn Yard, who had a stall at the Morningside Makers Market, I had a most productive trawl round the posh charity shops in Morningside but most unusual of all, Hubby and I went out to a party. Without kids. And...? I hear you all say? Well, this time we did not get a babysitter. We left the kids home alone. We decided that if Lad was old enough and sensible enough to take Princess on bus rides, to swimming pools, shopping and just generally gad about all over the place then he was old enough to look after her in the house for a couple of hours. So we took our phones, put a neighbouring mum on stand bye just in case he needed speedy assistance or advice and toddled off, leaving them with a mountain of snack food and Addams Family Values on DVD. And they were just fine.

I feel like I've turned a corner childcare wise. Freedom beckons! I knew technically that there had to be some sort of progression between them being born and them leaving home but it's always surprising when something like this happens and you realise that yes, they're becoming more competent at looking after themselves. It's great, really it is.

I can recommend the Morningside Makers Market btw. I've been to quite a few craft fairs in my time but the standard of the items for sale at this one was really quite superior. And if The Yarn Yard gets a permenant stall there we can all go and buy world class yarn there every month. What's not to like?


Knitlass said...

Cant wait for the day when we can leave our small people on their own... but we've a wee while to wait as they are only 3 (sorry, almost 4) and 14 months! Anyway, spare a thought for a happy couple who got married in the botanic gardens today - and were having an outside ceremony. I only hope they did it sometime before 12 when the sun was still shining and the deluge had not yet begun...

Jean said...

Congratulations! on home-alone. How the mobile telephone has changed life, since we went through that particular phase! I'm not sure whether it helps -- it probably does, somewhat -- with the next phase, which is just around the corner for you: when THEY leave YOU home-alone.