Wednesday, November 23, 2011

55 Christmas Balls.....

            Absolutely compulsive book. You have been warned!


fibreclaireUK said...

True, very true. Are you going to attempt all of them?

Steph-The Mad Magpie in the Nest said...

Was checking out your lovely blog, now that I am spinning again, and found this. I immediately ordered a copy! The boys' YouTube clip is delightful!

I read some of your earlier Posts and hope that things have improved for you.

I had a Windwheel that you were very helpful about when I had a blog called "Ms Textual' and I called myself 'Ms Bubblefish'. Have morphed into a 'Magpie's Nest', other wise still the same spinner/person/blogger.

I do understand the lack of bloggy motivation. I've just got back into it myself.

Best wishes, Steph