Monday, January 28, 2008

Bloggiversity contest results.

Here's the Bloggiversity contest results at last. (And about time, I hear you all say!)

Turns out I have less than I hoped, but more than is decent.

13 balls 845 (Khaki green.)
8 balls 817 (Sort of toffee shade.)
8 balls 846 (Indigo blue.)
6 balls 850 (Sugar almond pink.....who's that for then???)
2 balls 852 (Sort of dark raspberry pink.)
2 balls 835 (Pupleish.)
1 ball 830 (Lilac grey.)
1 ball 825 (Maroon.)
So that's 41 balls in 8 colourways, yup? And after much perusal of the answers (Tip here...never base a contest on two numbers of anything!!) the winner is
BabyLongLegs, because she got the right number of colours and pretty close on the number of balls.

(And by some minor miracle I've still got a note of your new addy, Sarah so I'll post you a little parcel out as soon as I can escape from the clutches of the kitchen refitters.)

Edit. Just came back to add that the (very nice) joiner and pal have left for the day, leaving me with an anxiety-inducing hole where there used to be a wall, a vast pile of rubble and a half-inch layer of dust everywhere. I know of course that things always look terrible in the first destructive phase of any alterations, but I still don't like it. Two weeks from now it will be lovely, but for now? It's a horror story.
I've got basketweaving class tonight though, so I don't actually have to sit here thinking about it and watching the dust particles ooze out round the frame of the shut door, like a vampire trying to escape. I expect I'll dream about the back of the house falling off or something though, even though I know this house is built to solid 1930's standards and has survived a lot worse from builders than this. (Like last year at this time....)


Want it finished.


thereyougothen said...

41 balls? is that all? call yourself a collector?
next year's blogiversary contest should be "and how many balls of it have I managed to use in the intervening 12 months?!"

BabyLongLegs said...

^^^^^he he he^^^^^

Yay me!!! What a great guess :)
I await your package, oh Diva of Louet spinning Loveliness :)

Sarah xXx

Queen of the froggers said...

Well done to the winner! I hope you are able to keep your sanity with the hole in the wall. I would find it hard!!

zippiknits said...

Yay, Sarah! Congrats!