Sunday, January 06, 2008

First of 2008.

A small FO, first of 2008.

Pattern is Super-Natural Stripes by f.pea, knitted in an aran weight wool/acrylic mix (I had no ball bands) bought at The Skep last SkipNorth. It was really fast to knit and simple enough that I knitted most of the body in the cinema last week when we went to see The Golden Compass.(Good film, btw. Recommended.) As is the pattern, if anyone is looking for quick baby patterns. There are a couple of other very cute ones on the same site as well. The photograph doesn't show up the purl ridge details that well in the variagated yarn but in real life they add a very nice bit of texture to an otherwise plain cardigan.

This is for the new daughter of a work collegue of Hubby's. In true Hubby style he hadn't mentioned that a gift would be required when the friend was still pregnant, but waited till two weeks after the birth and the evening after I had just come back from a major shopping trip to tell me about it. Fortunately for the baby concerned this was also the start of the Christmas break, so I had plenty of time to think about what I wanted to make, and to produce it. Otherwise she would have been getting a one-hour hat. I hope the mum likes it. It's always difficult knitting for folk you've never met, but relentless questioning of Hubby eventually extracted the information that she dresses in bright coloured hippyish clothes so hopefully she's not going to have a pastels and white baby.

Which means I now have ONLY TWO WIPs, the Noro waistcoat and the beaded lace handspun scarf. No socks, no big project, no...well, I was about to say nothing waiting to be sewn up or frogged when the vision of my Bettna jacket rose before my eyes. Only the ends need sewn in. Do you think I can get it done by the March SkipNorth????

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rho said...

the sweater is adorible - I am sure she will love it.