Thursday, January 24, 2008


This is a hob....

Powered by gas (in this case, but you can also get electric or induction ones) and designed to be recessed into your kitchen worktop. I would like this one because it has a wok ring but given the miniscule proportions of my kitchen I think I'll end up with a four burner.

So what is it called in American, then?


k. said...

Hmm. I suppose we'd call it a "cooktop." Or just "a stove." Maybe "a cooking range."

You'd think a dictionary writer would know this. Sheesh.

I like "hob" better.

Linda D said...

Jeez, I never would have guessed that, I'm glad I asked! Probably a rangetop. The one I have is smooth, with electrical thingees under glass. Thanks for the reply.

Sian said...

I thought, flip, Fishwife has lost it. Why is she posting about a hob? The kitchen stress must have got to her. And then I saw... Americans.

glittrgirl said...

My hob is almost identical to this. It takes up very little extra room than a four burner hob, but is SOOOOOO worth it. Get one. That's all I can say.

Shan said...

I think that would be "range" in Canada. Like "range hood" for the thing you put overhead, with a fan and a light.

But I knew what a hob was....just as I know what an Aga is. (Points for UK idiom awareness?)

natalie said...

Get the one you really want and stick something in a cupboard.
Toaster? magimix? wine-rack? > cupoard!
Fruitbowl > fridge.
Radio > cupboard (open door to listen!)

It's just a matter of training everyone that the fruit now resides in the fridge. We are only talking about 20cm or so, aren't we?

Go on... you know you really want one!

rho said...

thanks - I say go for the one you want and agree with natalie - put something in the cupboard - you will get a ton of use out of the wok burner :D

zippiknits said...

Get the wok burner, and yes, it's called a cooktop.

We just had to buy a new range and wanted to have a center wok burner but DH picked it; he's the cook. I don't have to lift a finger in the kitchen unless he gets sick which we both hope never happens. That's the long and the short of it. I hope the dust doesn't reach out through that crack around the door!


xvvHere in the American Midwest, it is called a "stove top."

I think the new, fancy ones may be called "cooking surfaces."

Hob is nice, but makes me want to add goblin.


Raveller said...

I would just call it the stove and that's that. The individual rings are called burners here.

Raveller said...

Sorry, "here" being Western New York, but then, I'm culturally confused having been raised by Northern English parents in Ontario and ending up in NY after 20 years in Montreal. Very confused indeed. I was convinced that "Gord" was someone who lived next door until I was about 10.