Wednesday, January 23, 2008


You know how you can get lulled into inertia about some things? Thinking that yup, this or that is going to happen, but not today or next week, so you don't need to think about it for another wee while? Well, so it has been with our new kitchen, the one that hasn't been built yet. The last time I talked about it with our joiner, he said that he would be away for the first few weeks of the year and he'd phone me when he had a timeslot free. Given that the kids are on holiday mid-march, I was vaguely thinking April for thhe kitchen. Plenty of time.

Until last Monday. Joiner (henceforth to be known as "C", because you may be hearing a lot about this man) phones. For various complex reasons he did not go away as planned, and therefore has a quiet workbook over the next couple of weeks. How about doing the kitchen, then? Argh.......panic.......! Nothing has been ordered. Nothing has been planned. The kitchen is a swamp. Oh, okay then. (Argh.....)

So C comes round yesterday and within twenty minutes I have agreed to have part of a wall removed and a water tank, plus committing myself to obtaining all the units and appliances by next week. He is going to start on Monday next, to take down the wall and tank, drill off all the old tiles (from the '50s, and bedded into solid concrete) from the other three walls, put in all the new electric, water and gas piping (aided by his band of merry other-trades men) and replaster. Then we can start on the rebuilding. Two weeks or thereabouts, he thinks. Hubby had been absolutely convnced that C would be "In and out in under a week", lol.Even C laughed at that one.

So today I have been in IKEA, ordering a kitchen. I wonder how many folk they get arriving five minutes after opening and saying they want the whole lot (except appliances), NOW, every last piece, and make it snappy, here's the credit card? Amazingly though, they did it, and even in the right colour. It's getting delivered next Thursday. Extractor hood comes on Wednesday. I just have to order a cooker, hob and dishwasher now. Oh, and clear the kitchen, set up a temporary cooking area, fill the fridge and freezer with instant meals and seal off the dining room, because the kitchen opens into it.I am BUSY!

Which is why I haven't posted the
Bloggiversity Contest results yet. Much grovelling about this, sorry, and I promise to get it done by the weekend. I am in a bit of a spin at the moment. Not so much wool-for-pix as wool-for-brains. But I'll get there.

Off to buy a cooker. It's amazing what you can do with a computer and a credit card these days!


Annie said...

How exciting, a brand new kitchen! Will you take before and after photos to show us? Please?

Rosie said...

wow! hope it all goes well.

Shan said...

New kitchen, good stuff. But in my (granted, limited) experience, two weeks is four poor woman.

Anonymous said...

You are doing the right thing, jump in with both feet and do it'll be stress on a stick for the moment, but, long term it'll be the right decision...and yes, two weeks can become four...keep ahead of them, be ready and have everything there 24 hours before they've said they'll need it! It'll be worth it. Good luck! Fran

Linda D said...

Sounds delightful. But.....what is a hob? Is it something wonderful I have been missing out on all my life?

rho said...

ditto what Linda said -- what's a hob?

Juno said...

It'll be a nightmare no matter what so, really better to have it just take the legs out from under you and get 'er done, as we like to say in these here United States.

But pictures of the destruction will appease the blog readers, for sure.

BabyLongLegs said... kitchen!!!!
Hope it all goes smoothly for you..
....I know what you mean about the internet and plastic!!!


Sarah xXx